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Testimonials for

Fields Beyond the Known

CD / Novel

  • "...a fabulous meditation. Alan K's multi-dimensional muse is sure to engage..."
    Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D.- Multiple N.Y. TIMES Bestselling Author

    "Exquisite!  Absolutely beautiful in every aspect..."
    Kit Thomas - Music, Film & TV Producer, Musician, Emmy Award winner, Oscar Nominee

    "...soothing and soul-feeding..."
    Alan Cohen - contributing writer for N.Y. TIMES #1 Bestselling series 'Chicken Soup for the Soul'

    "...absolutely beautiful! Your shakuhachi playing is really excellent..." 

    Svante Henryson - World renowned Composer, Cellist, Bassist. (Sweden). (Stevie Wonder, Ryan Adams, Elvis Costello, Steve Gadd, Yngwie Malmsteen...)

    "So beautiful..."

    Chelleigh Starfish - Vocalist/Performance Artist

    "...exquisite music...creates a soulful and mesmerizing oasis....the sweet ambiance of serenity and depth are perfect for yoga, massage or meditation practice."

    Jennifer Bonadio- Int'l Yoga Instructor (E-RYT500), Licensed Massage Therapist, Anatomy-Meditation Instructor (Hawaii)

    Die Klänge von K Alan´s Shakuhachi versetzen mich in einem Bewusstseinszustand in der sich das Wortlose kraftvoll offenbart.

    Annette Müller- Gründerin der ersten stationären Klinik für Geistiges Heilen in Deutschland und der angeschlossenen Heilerschule École-San-Esprit.

    www. san-esprit.de


    "I never knew an instrument could be the voice of mother earth and her stories...so moving, so sacred, took me deep within the planet and stretched me to the stars!"

    Shauna McHugh- Health and Wellness Center (Hawaii)

    "Exquisite soundscapes! Serene, blissful and haunting! I can't wait to attend your event..."

    Aparna Sherman - Restaurant owner (Santa Barbara)

  • "... a Shamanic tale that is sure to delight... Enjoy this wisdom-filled read..."
    Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D.Multiple N.Y. Times Bestselling Author

    "A poetic mystical journey written masterfully from the heart. Definitely a doorway to a higher dimension."
    Alan Cohen - contributing writer for 
    N.Y. TIMES #1 Bestselling series 'Chicken Soup for the Soul'

    "I could not put it down...so much detail and artistry about very subtle and profound experiences. Thank you for writing and taking the time to chronicle your journeys, I know it is 'fiction' but much felt very real...!"

    Mary D.  - Spiritual Guide (USA)

    "Beautiful writing, so spiritual have to read it so slowly to absorb...."

    Marilyn R. (NYC)

    "...a beautiful, heartfelt poetic journey... intense and surreal. It was like I was witnessing a dream, looking around and enjoying the beauty. My visceral reaction was opening, sighing, releasing, understanding."

    Naina Dewan - CSW, Dance Instructor, Alexander Technique Practitioner (NYC/SC)

    "Beautifully written. I loved it! I had it on tour with me and each night before sleep would read a few pages. No matter how late or how sleepy I was I looked forward to returning to the place that I was taken to by reading this story before going off to sleep. Thank you for the inspiration and lessons. Absolutely wonderful!"

    Victoria Palagy - Singer/Songrwriter, Vocalist (TomTom Club)

    "A poetic mystical journey written masterfully from the heart. Definitely a doorway to a higher dimension."

    Alan Cohen New York Times #1 bestselling series contributor 'Chicken Soup for the Soul'