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Alan RothAlan Orchid Shak

Composer / Author

Zen Japanese Shakuhachi Bamboo Flute

Reiki Master

Nada/Laya Yogi


ChakraBreath™  Therapies

Yoga Healer Academy-Hawaii (RYS-200)

“Music is a gateway to the inner world…” - Alan Roth

The debut album from Multi-Instrumentalist / Musical Shaman Alan Roth features evocative modern compositions and lush ambient soundscapes for an ancient instrument…the Japanese bamboo Shakuhachi flute.

From Rock to Zen…Alan’s 3 1/2 year journey in India, Japan and Asia, and a lifetime’s Shamanic / Meditative experiences were catalysts in this NYC guitarist/songwriter’s evolution towards his current instrumental artistry and expressive compositions. With melodic influences ranging from trumpeters Miles Davis and Chris Botti, to Pink Floyd and Peter Gabriel, to guitarists Jeff Beck, David Gilmour and Carlos Santana, an expansive field is created…a mood-filled instrumental voice…a dreamy flute floating above hypnotic, ambient synth soundscapes and subtle shamanic rhythms. The album is a listener’s ticket to an alternate universe…a doorway to the inner realm.

Featuring legendary LA Keyboardist/Synthesist Ben Dowling and co-produced by Emmy winner and Oscar nominee Kit Thomas, The CD is a companion for his newly released novel (Shamanic Fiction/Fantasy) of the same title…Fields Beyond the Known-A Shaman’s Tale….the dreamscape journey of a young shaman’s vision quest.

 “...a fabulous meditation. Alan's multi-dimensional muse is sure to engage…" -

NY Times bestselling Author - Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D.

"...soothing and soul-feeding…"-

N.Y. TIMES #1 bestselling Cont. Author 'Chicken Soup for the Soul’-Alan Cohen

"Exquisite!  Absolutely beautiful in every aspect…”-

Emmy Winner, Oscar Nominee,Producer/Bassist- Kit Thomas

"...absolutely beautiful! Your shakuhachi playing is really excellent…”-

Cellist/Bassist (Stevie Wonder, Elvis Costello, Steve Gadd, Yngwie Malmsteen) - Svante Henryson