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Peaceful Mind Project

Music and Breath -A Bridge between all People

Promoting cross-cultural understanding,  health and wellness, stress management and personal development for all ages,  via

International ‘Inner Journey’ Music + Breath Concerts and Educational outreach.


Inner Peace > World Peace

The premise is simple:

If you are not at Peace with yourself, how can you be at Peace with the rest of the world?

If you are not at Peace, how can you expect anyone else to be at Peace?

If no one is at Peace, isnt  World Peace then, simply, highly unlikely.

Where then, is one to begin? How can we foster a world-wide Peace-full connection...a positive movement towards healing relations between people and nations?

The Peaceful Mind Project, is a international movement towards helping ALL people's find  commonality/connections across ALL racial, social, political and geographic borders.To offer the tools and opportunitues to empower people to find there own internal vortex of calmness, and take responsibility for nurturing their own Peace and Peace-fullness.

Through the common language of music and breath.... concert-style gatherings and streamings of 'Inner Journey' Music, together, we focus our collective Intention and find a safe space to embrace honest Self-Reflection. A group Vortex is created...a powerful Movement for Peace is released into the world and into the Quantum Field.

May it empower you to continue to walk upon your path of Peace.

May it empower you to empower others to walk their path of Peace. 

Coming soon to a Peace-full place near you.

Sponsored by:

ChakraBreath Productions

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