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21st Century Shakuhachi

Considered by many to be the most intriguing and evocative woodwind, the Zen Japanese Shakuhachi flute has expanded, in the 21st century, far beyond its original borders...musically and geographically.

One of the most challenging woodwind/flutes to master, the capabilities of this magnificent instrument, once harnessed, are peerless.  Its ability to evoke tone and mood, and to facilitate meditation are legendary.

Although not so well known in the West, this instrument is highly relevant to modern music. Alan, through  new compositions and an ambient Soundscape 'Inner Journey' stylistic production approach, continues to try to bring the Zen Shakuhachi, and Japanese cultural significance, forward into the world's eye.

The Shakuhachi's sound is  truly a symbol of:

  • the quiet that lies beneath sound...
  • the void that lies beneath the 'seen' world...
  • The 'space between the notes' pointing to the eternal 'space between our thoughts'...

In this ongoing seminar/lecture and experiential series, Alan Roth, Shakuhachi devotee and life-student, will reveal some of the musical and meditative mysteries of this most fascinating and important instruments, and perform some of his new Shakuhachi-based compositions.

A world musician and multi-instrumentalist, he combines the deep and rich musical cultures and influences of Japan and India, where he has studied.

Come explore the modern evolution of a classic and vital Japanese traditional instrument.

Come support the relevance of Japanese culture as it moves into the 21st century.