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 Music for the Inner Journey 

 Zen Japanese Shakuhachi Flute

Shamanic Drums

Hypnotic Soundscapes

by Alan Roth

for Yoga- Massage-Meditation

Let the Shakuhachi draw you in...

...an Inner Journey..an Inward Focus...

...a discovery...

Music...a frequency and vibration...

the creation of a sacred musical space...

the space between / beneath the notes

mirror the space between our thoughts.

Where I lives.

The Zen-Yoga of sound (Naad Yoga).



With influences ranging from the music of Japan, India and the passion of the 'blues', this CD is a true musical journey...with its created intention of guiding the listener on an unusually resonant Inner Journey.

3 1/2 years travel and study in Asia, 20 years of meditation and 30+ years as a Rock guitarist/songwriter/multi- instrumentalist, help to create this unique fusion of styles and sounds and intentions.

Featuring legendary LA keyboardist/Soundscapist Ben Dowling.

Co-produced by Emmy Award winner and Oscar nominee Kit Thomas. 


This music is a companion to the novel

 "Fields Beyond the Known- A Shaman's Tale"

also by Alan Roth

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 CD Testimonials

  • "...absolutely beautiful! Your shakuhachi playing is really excellent..."

Svante Henryson - World renowned Composer, Cellist, Bassist. (Sweden). Musician for Stevie Wonder, Ryan Adams, Elvis Costello, Steve Gadd, Yngwie Malmsteen...

  • "Exquisite!  Absolutely beautiful in every aspect..."

K. Thomas - Music, Film & TV Producer, Musician, Emmy Award winner, Oscar Nominee.

  • "... a fabulous meditation. Alan K's multi-dimensional muse is sure to engage and entertain you."

Harold H. Bloomfield, M.D. - Multiple N.Y. Times Bestselling Author

  • "...exquisite music...creates a soulful and mesmerizing oasis....the sweet ambiance of serenity and depth are perfect for yoga, massage or meditation practice."

Jennifer Bonadio- Int'l Yoga Instructor (E-RYT500), Licensed Massage Therapist, Anatomy-Meditation Instructor (Hawaii)

  • "This is absolutely beautiful and ridiculously powerful...its really amazing!"

Dina Fanai - Composer, Producer, Singer-Songwriter, Artist Development (NYC)

  •  "I was very surprised at how different it is from other chakra "music" and I like it very much!  Interestingly the backdrop drone is somehow the glue that holds it all together for me.  I think it is in some way grounding and a deep physical vibration like when you can hear the universe in the silence.  It connects the inner body and free flying spirit,  like a safety tether when you go free floating in space.  The other thing I noticed is how deeply relaxing it is, which is vital to open chakras.  The first time I used it I went into deep relaxation until realized it was 4th track.  Other times I could remain more conscious of the composition and effect on breath, body and energy.  I've also used it as background while working...it is effective in keeping my vibration steady and energy focused. Thank you!! Your work is unique and powerful !!!"

Linda Honda - NPO community organizer (Oahu)

  • "Your CD is stunning..."

Sumeria Sky - Singer/Songwriter (Hawaii)

  • ".....sounds spacious.......like you're on a ledge overlooking a vast canyon.....good stuff!"

J. Philip Thomas - Artist, Musician, Designer- 'Tarota Paris' creator (Maui)

  • "...I have played it many times - it is absolutely beautiful - so relaxing and transcendental."

Mary D. - Spiritual Guide (USA)

  • "I love it!"

Naina Dewan - CSW, Dance Instructor, Alexander Technique Practitioner (NYC/SC)

  • "...received your CD a while back and have been listening to it ever since. It's really wonderful. You have a deep understanding of your flutes. 

          A deep bow..."

Perry Yung - Shakuhachi Master Craftsman, Musician and Artist (NYC)

  • "So beautiful..."

Chelleigh Starfish - Vocalist/Performance Artist

This music is a companion to the novel

 "Fields Beyond the Known- A Shaman's Tale"

also by Alan Roth